One of the goals of the Wisemens’ Network is to create an elaborate and intensive mentoring system and structure, designed to position men to be an all-round success in life. Many men do not realize their need to be mentored. Trial and error have led many men into mistakes that have been both costly and unnecessary. We believe men can be mentored and equipped to jump over the hurdles that life will throw in their path. Proper mentoring will enable men to walk in the wisdom of those who have gone ahead without having to make the mistakes they made. Our mentoring programme will encompass the following areas amongst others:

The vision of the WiseMen’s network was born out of the vision of the Fountain of Wisdom Ministries’ vision which is to “Go create a Forum where My people will flow with Me in Understanding”. The vision of the network is to “Mentor men by helping them discover, develop and deploy their God-given potential so they can live life in the fullness of God’s plans and purposes for them.” We do this by imparting God’s wisdom through conferences, men’s breakfast meetings, and also through recorded messages on CDs or DVDs or any available media. One on one mentoring is also possible as well group mentoring too.
Every man needs a mentor, or a coach or a trainer. Some one who will inspire, encourage and sometimes challenge us into new perspectives, new insights and possibly more successful outcomes in life. Personal development, leadership development as well as professional development are all necessary for our fulfilment in life.  We need to have a vision for all areas of our lives: namely, our Relationships , like family and friends; our physical life, like fitness and weight management; our careers, like developing professional skills; our Spiritual lives, like cultivating intimacy with God through His word and by His Spirit as we learn the art of prayer as well as enjoy meditation and acting on the Word of God in the Bible. Then a man was designed to serve the Lord with his whole heart and the Lord will grant him wisdom to excel in all other areas of his life. Our personal growth is our responsibility, not someone else’s.
Luke 2:52
And Jesus increased in wisdom (in broad and full understanding) and in stature and years, and in favour with God and man.


Vision provides direction, focus and speed. Without a vision anything goes! We shall provide mentoring to help you identify, develop and run with your personal vision. We shall work with you, taking into cognizance your unique talents and gifts and propel the development and deployment of your talents and gifts to meet the needs of others and fulfill your God given dreams.


In taking you through the journey of personal development, we shall help introduce you to yourself awareness should precede personal development programs. If you are not aware of your temperament, the effect of your nurture and environment on your choices and lifestyle, you may not really appreciate the need to set clear goals adapted to suit your individual make up or develop life and time management habits that are peculiar to your aspirations.


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Rev. (Michael) Kola Ewuosho studied Mechanical Engineering in Nigeria. His salvation story started at just 18 years of age as a first-year university student who accepted the alter-call with little to no understanding, but an undeniable passion to get to know this “God” for himself.
With an excitable Christian Union, the Rev. joined fellow students in faith-discoveries around campus; from participating in the miraculous to preaching God’s Word from dorm to dorm and university to university. Through various first-hand experiences with God and His Word, the Rev. came to grips with God’s call on his life to teach the life of faith by his growing examples.
Circa 1985, the Rev. left university and with his bride-to-be, accepted the call to pursue full time ministry. He went on to learn more about ministry sitting under a respected minister in bible school before the first church was planted in Kano, Nigeria by the end of 1987. Through his ministry efforts, The Word of Faith Christian Centre Kano was founded and that became the first base for the Fountain of Wisdom Ministries (FOWM) in Nigeria – and now the “home church” for a family of over 20 churches around the world.