Its a discipleship, mentoring network that creates a platform for a healthy interaction amongst men from different walks of life and status.

Open to all men irrespective of their denominational bias

We believe Christ came as our saviour to pay the eternal sacrifice and on the basis of this, we become children of God and belong to God’s family. Christ is the head of the man and God is the Head of Christ.  (1 Corinthians 11:3)
it’s open to all who are open to Christ and the Word of God.

Business and Career development

Help inform, educate and inspire people to become successful in their chosen careers. this is where market place ministries are developed and the seven mountains of influence are considered.

Spiritual Development

the whole work on new birth to maturity comes  and they are systematically outlined that a complete discipleship program is possible online.

Leadership Development

You cannot rise in life beyond your leadership development

Nutrition and Fitness

Articles are systematically outlined to introduce and encourage a need for personal fitness and correct diet.


The subject of Fathering, being a good husband and a faithful friend is discussed. How to be a mentor to your children and those under you etc

Personal Development

Cultivation of right habits, unlearning the wrong things and understanding the laws that govern success in life.

Online Conference with Rev Kola Ewuosho

Venue: Zoom
Time: 11 am
Date 30th May 2020
RSVP: 08022228955



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